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All About The Wellness Woman

The Wellness Woman opened in 2018, since then we have become an established practice supporting women from Brentwood and Essex in pelvic health and wellness. 

 The Wellness Woman is based in a  specially designed spacious clinic room and adjoining gym/Pilates studio in a residential area of Brentwood. Please feel free to park on the driveway when attending your appointment.

We offer each patient a tailored treatment approach based on their specific needs and goals


  Contact us to find out more about our services and how we can help you today.

Our Clinic: Our Clinic

The entrance to The Wellness Woman clinic

Our Clinic: Image

Pilates and exercise area

😊😊😊 Many thanks to _plbconstruction for delivering an amazing build ahead of schedule.j
Our Clinic: Image

Consulting and treatment room

Our Clinic: Image
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