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A Personal Approach

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Mummy MOT

A comprehensive postnatal review where I check your functional movement,

breathing, any diastasis (tummy gap), and C-section if applicable. I

will also undertake an internal vaginal examination to assess your

pelvic floor.


I will provide guidance on how to return to exercise safely and give you

advice regarding any further treatment that may be required.


You will receive a report of all the findings.

Pelvic Physiotherapy

The initial consultation starts with a discussion where I take an

in-depth history and listen to your priorities and your concerns.


I then undertake a physical examination looking at posture, functional

movement and pelvic floor function.


Finally, we review the findings, plan any necessary treatment and

discuss your goals and objectives.

Abdominal scar release

This treatment will reduce tightness, improve appearance and reduce

symptoms associated with internal scar tissue.

I take a history and we discuss how your scar is affecting you,

functionally and aesthetically.


I assess your abdominal wall, your breathing and then apply targeted

massage to mobilise the scar.


I also teach you some techniques you can use at home to continue the



These treatments work best as a course of 3 x one hour sessions.

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Visceral Therapy

Visceral manipulation is a specialised therapy to release restrictions

in the body's fascia

(The fascia is the thin connective tissue that surrounds all the body's



These restrictions can be the result of surgery, illness, or injury.

Symptoms such as bloating, pain, bowel and bladder dysfunction might

indicate fascial restrictions.


This treatment can also alleviate symptoms associated with endometriosis.


I take your medical history and we discuss your current concerns and

goals. I conduct a hands-on assessment of your fascia and then gently

mobilise the tissue to release the restrictions.


Treatment is carried out in your underwear.

Antenatal Pelvic Pain

Pelvic pain is a common but not normal part of pregnancy. It can present

as back pain, leg pain, or pain within the pelvis. It can restrict

mobility and function, along with being extremely uncomfortable.


Pelvic dysfunction is common in later pregnancy. It can present as

incontinence, heaviness in the pelvic area, and discomfort in the vulval



In this session, I will give you a full assessment, hands-on treatment,

and advice on how you can support yourself at home.


These sessions are physio-led with a focus on each individual's needs,


The first session, therefore, includes taking a medical history and an

assessment. This enables me to tailor exercises to your ability and goals.


The classes are small (limited to 4) to maintain this personalised approach.


Classes are booked in blocks of 6 and run alongside the school calendar.


1:1 sessions can be booked on a pay-as-you-go basis or as a package.

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