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A Personal Approach

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Mummy MOT

The postnatal asessment you deserve

A comprehensive postnatal check including functional movement, breathing, Diastasis ( tummy Gap) check, c-section scar check if required and a pelvic floor internal examination.
You will then receive guidance on return to exercise, advice regarding any further treatment that may be required and a report of the findings

Pelvic Physiotherapy

Treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction

Initial consultation consists of an in depth history taking , listening to what you feel are your biggest concerns. The second part of the appointment is the physical examination looking at posture, functional movement and pelvic floor function. The final part of the appointment will be a discussion of findings, planning any necessary treatment and collaborative goal and objective setting.
Pelvic floor treatment will consist of home based activities and exercises to support the hands on treatment in clinic.

Menopause MOT

Putting You First

Our approach at Katy Whitmore The Wellness Woman is to treat the whole body, not just an isolated injury. We offer a variety of personalized, one-on-one treatments to ensure our patients’ long-term health and wellness.

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Abdominal scar release

Mobilise and soften your scar

During these sessions I will take a history if you have not been a client of The Wellness Woman before, discuss how you feel your scar is limiting you functionally, aesthestically and internally.

We will then begin with an assessment of how the abdominal wall moves and of your breathing before beginning some massage techniques to mobilise the scar. the session will end with some techniques you can use at home. These treatments are best as a course of 3 x one hour treatments


Physio- led Pilates

Pilates at The Wellness Woman is physio-led therefore before beginning either 1:1 sessions or a class a medical history and assessment will be carried out so we can plan you exercise and progression. This will mean that the Pilates exercises are tailored for  your ability, this can be maintained in a class enviornment due to the very small ( limit of 4 ) classes.
Classes are booked in blocks of 6 and run half termly. 1:1 sessions can be booked on a pay as you go or purchased as a package.

Antenatal Pelvic Pain advice session

Group Zoom Session

Running once a fortnight  this group Zoom session lasts 45 minutes and gives general advice with hints and tips on managing pelvic pain in pregnancy. This is not an assessment or individual advice.
If you would like a hands on personal assessment and /or treatment of pelvic pain in Pregnancy please book a pelvic physiotherapy session.