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I contacted Katy after developing a diastasis recti with my 2nd child. I had been working on closing the space for month's and nothing was working. I was completely fed up and was considering surgery. 

I contacted Katy as a last resort. Katy did an initial mummy MOT and was extremely confident we could get it to close with no surgery.

She created a plan and about a week later we started working on it. It helped that the exercises were easy and written out word for word what to do with diagrams. Katy took me through them all in my sessions so I knew exactly what I needed to do and how. 

The results were showing within a few weeks and everyone started commenting that I looked slimmer and had lost weight ( I hadn't) Now 8 weeks down the line the gap is closed I'm back in my old clothes and feel like I have my life back

I credit Katy completely for this. She's been amazing and pinpointed straight away what my problems were and gave me appropriate ways to fix them. She can't do the work for you but she will teach you how to fix things. 

I owe Katy so much and would highly recommend her to everyone I know. She's been amazing. 

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