Wellness in the 3rd Age




Menopause support


The 3rd age is the time from peri to post menopause.


Menopause is a time of change and transition, moving from our childbearing years to our power years. These years can be our best ever but we have to address how we move, eat and think to ensure that as we move into this new and exciting phase, we are strong, healthy and in the best shape to protect our heart, bones and mnd from the challenges of our later years and that oestrogen depletion can bring.


The Wellness Woman will work with you to explore pelvic health, diet, exercises and gain understanding of how hormonal changes can affect our brains, bones, hearts and why our old systems/ strategies that have served us so well through our 20s, 30s and early 40s no longer seem to fit our current needs.


During our first appointment, we will explore your current fitness levels, pelvic health, sleep patterns and diet. This will allow me to tailor your treatment sessions to your specific needs.


These may include:

  • Exercise sessions to improve strength, speed and mobility

  • Diet and fluid review to ensure your are meeting the changing needs of your body

  • Guided visualization and relaxation to promote well-being

  • Pelvic health physiotherapy

  • Information and guidance related to heart, brain function and bone health


Sessions in Wellness Coaching will allow you to transition through the menopause years and emerged strong, resilient and resourceful. The best years are yet to come.