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Katy Folley
  The Wellness Woman

My interest in pelvic health as a physiotherapy specialty started during my undergraduate training, however it was my own experience of pregnancy, childbirth ( both vaginal and c-section ) and postnatal complications of prolapse, scar tissue and incontinence that led me to specialise in the area. 

Initially I was able to use the postgraduate courses I undertook to understand more about the changes my own body had been through during the amazing transition of pregnancy and childbirth and was then able to support other women.

As I have moved into midlife and faced the additional female challenge of perimenopausal changes and now menopause, I expanded my knowledge and training to support women also facing the challenges that this time of life places on our bodies.

It is then with a wealth of clinical knowledge and personal experience that  The Wellness Woman was founded to help women in every life stage to maximise their pelvic and general health.

As a working Mum I am all to aware how easy it is to put our own health and needs at the bottom of the pile and how daunting it is to fit anything else in! 

I love to walk and getting out and about in nature is a very important point within my day.

Katy Whitmore- The Wellness Woman: Our Clinic
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